Within the framework of "Through the Bars of Time" project during the last 4 months, over 300 decorative metal bars, concentrated in different parts of Sofia where such sites abound but their poor condition makes them particularly vulnerable and at risk regarding their future destiny, have been discovered and photographed. The campaign archive contains almost 3 000 photographs of bars from the early 20th century, respecting even today with their high craftsmanship.


The variety of floral and geometric motives, the peculiar rhythm, functionality and synthesis of the bars with architecture are a source of inspiration for a very young debut author whose aim is to "give back" to Sofia citizens the art objects that have always surrounded them. Yane Gadjev, a 12th grade student ("Metal" major) at the National School of Applied Arts "St. Luca", chose the last day of the summer holiday to present a series of magnificent old metal lattices...


The exhibition of posters of bars and photo increases of details and their black-and-white drawings can be seen in the entrance area of Serdika District Social Assistance Office, 8 Kozloduy Str.


"Through the Bars of Time" project is funded by the Fund for Innovations in Culture in a joint session with Sofia Municipality Europe Programme 2015.

Cultural Innovations Fund

e-mail: office@sofia-da.eu



bul. "Patriarh Evtimii" 92
Sofia 1463, Bulgaria



1, Serdika Str., 3rd fl.,
Sofia 1000, Bulgaria




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