Landscapes, painted not with paint, but with nature itself. This is Park Vrana. The unique garden, which the four seasons tint with their colours, can inspire with its beauty every master of the brush. The "Vrana: Paint with Nature" project, however, addressed the youngest painters. In Vrana they walked among the living trees, flowers and birds, arranged in landscapes by human hand. The result was very interesting. 150 kids painted the park as it looked through their eyes.


The youngest ones – the first graders from 1st High School "Pencho Slaveykov" – created the most variegated and the most coloured pictures. Using crayons and paints that the project gave them, the kids painted from nature. Of different ages, between 5 and 15 years old, were the participants in the painting session of the School of Fine Arts at Europe Gallery. The painter Elena Hadjistoyanova, who was their "guide" in their first steps in the fine arts, guided them because in painting landscapes there is craftsmanship. The beautiful landscapes from Park Vrana inspired the students from the National School of Applied Arts "St. Luca" as well. Naturally, the paintings brought to life the alleys with the beautiful trees, flowers and ornamental plants, which cannot be seen elsewhere. Despite the unnaturally hot sun in May, they worked for hours over the sheets of cardboard. Their teacher Dessi Deneva tirelessly watched the painting in order to show the mistakes and to guide in the right technique.


But what else combines most naturally with landscapes? Music, of course. Therefore, during the last day of the painting session, students from the National School of Music "Lyubomir Pipkov"resounded Vrana with works by Brahms and Shostakovich. Backgrounds of the outdoor concert were the last session's paintings.


The "Vrana: Paint with Nature" project is funded by Sofia Municipality Europe Programme in a joint session with the Fund for Innovations in Culture. It gave children the opportunity to feel and like the beautiful landscape paintings, to choose one of them and to draw it. Many of them asked to return to "Vrana" with their families. Because the park painted with nature bewitches. "Vrana" inspired the kids, and they brought the magic into their drawings.

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