On June 30, Tuesday, at 20:00 hrs., in One More Cinema, "The 90's. The Beginning of the Myth" project will be presented, with Dessislava Dimova and Vladiya Mihailova as curators.


The project deals with observation of various phenomena in the city culture of the 90's. It examines and restores the memory for them in terms of values, cultural horizons and patterns of living.


We are interested in the most popular culture: those places, publications, circles, horizons and phenomena that concentrate the young cultural energy and represent the points of intersection among different people, environments, contexts, activities and interests. Clubs and bars, publications, informal events, parties or specific spaces in the city that have already become a legend, are what we are trying to dig out from the memory and drawers, from the internal pockets of the suitcases of those who left the country, in order to exhibit them as an unfinished archive, a collection of stories, voices and images.


The 90's were a decade of transition and change of the way of thinking, the forms of success and the notion of culture, accompanying the opening of the country to the outside world. If "Kravay" - the place on Patriarch Evtimiy Blvd and Fridtjof Nansen Str. - had become a symbol of the contra cultureb of the 80's, then what are the places and phenomena of the 90's that had concentrated the young cosmopolitan culture? To what extent had the opening of the ideological lid launched a search for new meanings of the word "freedom" and how these processes had been reflected in urban life? The acquisition of Western models, the "pioneering" of the beginnings in the 90's, created new horizons, visions of success, forms of living, changing language and visual environment.


On June 30th, the framework of the project will be presented, as well as the so far collected stories, short video collages of archives and interviews with some of the people associated with two of the most important phenomena of the decade, such as the Egoist magazineand the now legendary Spartacus Club in Sofia.

The project includes the study of the center-periphery dynamics; the extent to which cultural phenomena, with which it deals, belong mostly to the Sofia cultural environment. Therefore, on July 1, at 19:00 hrs. in Pernik, a discussion on the cultural frames of life in this decade in the city, located in close proximity to Sofia, will be held. The project is supported by the Fund for Innovations in Culture.


Follow us on the pages of the "Blister" magazine under the "Portfolio" heading (http://blistermagazine.com/bg/90s-beginning-of-the-myth/), which will offer a series of documents - memories interviews, photographs related to the project, and on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thebeginningofthemyth.

Cultural Innovations Fund

e-mail: office@sofia-da.eu



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