On 15 and 16 June you can last join the audio walks "Meetings with Time". With the help of sound media for personal use (mp3 player and specifically prepared content) "Meetings with Time" creates three types of private space to experience the past, present and future. Through specific scenarios and soundscapes, each participant in the directed walk experiences both the theatre performance and the sensory encounter that turns into a personal experience.


Idea and concept: Ida Daniel
Texts: Katya Atanasova and Ida Daniel
Sound environment: Todor Stoyanov


"Meetings with Time" occurs within the second edition of the Culture Zone Festival, held under the title of POP UP ZONE.

"Meetings with Time" is financed by the Fund for Innovations in Culture.



Cultural Innovations Fund

e-mail: office@sofia-da.eu



bul. "Patriarh Evtimii" 92
Sofia 1463, Bulgaria



1, Serdika Str., 3rd fl.,
Sofia 1000, Bulgaria




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