Culture is imagination! Innovative cities represent a stroke of imagination, artistic experimentation and creative solutions. Help Sofia and the Southwestern region reach the world-renowned examples of innovative cities! And why not even surpass them?

   Where will your support go?

   The Fund will collect financial resources (and non-financial support) from businesses, and the accumulated sum will be matched from the budget of Sofia Municipality. Contributors of over 25 000 leva have the opportunity to become members of the Board of Trustees of the Fund and to participate in the Fund’s management. In order to achieve sustainability, the Fund will put aside a certain percentage of the accumulated funds for capitalization every year. The remaining part of the capital will be spent on project funding through calls for proposals for thematic programs or as per the benefactor’s desire.

   The main focus for project applications in 2014 is related to artistic and innovative interpretation of the theme Sharing Sofia, the main theme of Sofia and the Southwestern region in its candidacy for European Capital of Culture. The suggested projects can refer to the entire theme or to one or more sub-themes of Sofia 2019’s artistic conception: Sharing Heritage, Sharing Memories, Sharing Routes, Sharing Spaces, Sharing Secrets, Sharing Values, Sharing Possibilities, Sharing Art, Sharing Dreams.

   What will you get?
  • The certainty that you are contributing to the development of Sofia and the Southwest region as an innovative, dynamic and artistic region, worthy of its own place on the European cultural scene.
  • The possibility to participate in the management of the Fund’s assets and to determine its annual priorities. 
  • The placement of your corporate logo on all advertising materials of the Fund, Internet pages, public events, press-conferences, banners and billboards, respective to the amount of support provided. 
  • Opportunities to participate in TV and radio broadcasts on topics related to the Fund’s activities; participation in press-conferences and official events of the Fund, such as the presentation of annual reports, contract award ceremonies for approved projects, etc.
  • Publication of the name of every benefactor who provides support for the Fund on the list of donors, published every year electronically and on paper.
   How to support the Cultural Innovations Fund?
  • Your support for the Fund may be financial or non-financial. The latter type may be in the form of making available personal property or real estate, human resources for supporting the administrative work of the Fund, expert evaluators of project proposals, publicizing the activities of the Fund, and attracting new sponsors.
  • Financial support may be directed towards a specific topic/activity of the donor’s desire or deposited in the mutual fund for financing artistic projects on a competitive basis. 
  • For each type of support provided, a contract will be signed (prepared by lawyers of the Sofia Development Association and approved by the Donor). This contract contains requisites regarding the specific donation as well as the commitments of Sofia Development Association in terms of managing the donation and providing publicity for the Donor.  
  • To make a donation, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

      +359 2 952 03 46; +359 2 953 02 46;

      E-mail: office@ sofia-da.eu; s.lomeva@ sofia-da.eu 

      Contact person: Svetlana Lomeva, Director, Sofia Development Association. 

  • The bank account of the Cultural Innovations Fund is:

Name of bank: Municipal Bank PLC
Address of bank: Vrabcha Financial Centre,
IBAN: BG02SOMB 9130 10 49 35 34 02
Account holder: Sofia Development Association



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Cultural Innovations Fund

e-mail: office@sofia-da.eu



bul. "Patriarh Evtimii" 92
Sofia 1463, Bulgaria



1, Serdika Str., 3rd fl.,
Sofia 1000, Bulgaria




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