The first architecture hackathon Elevated Habitat V1.0 ended with incredible success. The hackathon was part of Webit2017 programme and was held on the idea of Sofia's Chief Architect Zravko Zdravkov and Plamen Rousev, founder of Webit. The initiative was organized by Sofia Development Association and DesignMorphine Studio. The hackathon was part of the events of the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria on the occasion of Bulgaria's 10-year membership of the European Union.


On 26 April, architects with creative ideas worked for eight hours and offered their innovative concepts for the roof space of the Municipal Cultural Institute "Sredets". Innovative and future-oriented ideas were developed to turn the building's roof into an attractive place in this city area. The goal of Sofia Municipality was to turn the building into a stage that covered part of the needs of independent companies and artists to meet contemporary standards in the presentation of performing arts while preserving and improving its educational functions. It was essential for the participants' concepts to emphasize the connection between the building and the Zaimov Park, whose reconstruction is due in the coming years too.


As part of its investment programme under Operational Programme "Regions in Growth" 2014-2020, Sofia Municipality plans to carry out the reconstruction and modernization of the Municipal Cultural Institute, turning it into a Centre of Contemporary Performing Arts and Education; with this respect, the site's architectural design is also to be updated. The ideas and innovative solutions, which were generated during Elevated Habitat V1.0, will be taken into account in the revised investment project.


All concept were presented to a selection panel comprised of:
Arch. Zdravko Zdravkov, Chief Architect of Sofia;
Malina Edreva, Chaiperson of a Standing Committee, Sofia Municipal Council;
Boyko Blagoev, Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria;
Svetlana Lomeva, Director, Sofia Development Association;
Arch. Orlin Davchev, Deputy Dean, University of Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Geodesy;
Arch. Vladimir Deyanov, Interior and Design Department , University of Structural Engineering and Architecture "Lyuben Karavelov";
Plamen Rousev, President, Webit;
Tzvetelina Georgieva, Co-founder and President, DesignMorphine Association;
Vanya Barbalova, lawyer;
Ivan Velkov, Deputy Chairman of Sofia Municipal Council.

The task of the selection panel was extremely difficult. All of the presented concepts were innovative, created in support of the development of Sofia as an innovative and "green" city.


At an official ceremony of the National Register for New Construction and Reconstruction during Webit2017, the following teams and projects were awarded:


The first prize went to the Team:

Hristo Hristov, Alexander Chernev, Tina Kovachka, Tania Nikolova, Radostn Vouchev



The Selection Panel awarded two second prizes to:

Anna Mitkova


and the team of “EverGreen”: Alexander Kehayov, Dragostina Ivanova and Maria Ivanova


The awards (amounting to 2000 leva) were provided by Sofia Development Association.

Throughout the day, the participants were supported and encouraged by a mentoring team of DesignMorphine:Raul Shishkov – associated partner @ DesignMorphine; Georgi Kunchev – associated partner @ DesignMorphine; Zlatko Yanakiev - member @ DesignMorphine; Martin Petrov - member @ DesignMorphine.



Elevated Habitat V1.0
Architectural Hackathon
26.04.2017, Sofia Tech Park


Elevated Habitat V1.0 Hackathon will take place during Webit 2017 and is part of the initiatives celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Bulgaria's membership in the European Union, organized by the European Commission Representation in Bulgaria and Sofia Municipality.

The task for the participants is to develop innovative solutions for the roof space of a public building in Sofia - The Municipal Cultural Institute Sredets House of Culture.

Within its investment program under the "Regions in Growth" 2014 - 2020 Operational Programme, Sofia Municipality plans to carry out reconstruction and modernization of the Municipal Cultural Institute, transforming it into the Center for Contemporary Performing Arts and Education, in relation to which the architectural design of the site will be updated. The ideas and innovative solutions created during Elevated Habitat V1.0, have the opportunity to be included in the revised investment project.

The main challenge in the architectural hakathon Elevated Habitat V1.0 is to create a concept for the roof space of MCI HC "Sredets". Innovative, smart and forward-looking ideas are welcome to transform the roof into an attractive place in this zone of the city.

Sofia Municipality aims to transform the building into a stage, which will meet some of the needs of independent companies and artists, it will meet the latest standards in the presentation of performing arts work and at the same time will maintain and improve its educational functions.

The Centre for Contemporary Performing Arts and Education will support independent artists in the preparation and presentation of innovative artistic projects and practices, it will encourage and support young and debuting artists in the realization of their first projects, it will work towards raising the popularity and visibility of the contemporary performing arts in Sofia and towards the development of contemporary performing arts audiences by conducting educational programmes in arts for amateurs and professionals. It is essential that the participants' concepts emphasize the link between the building and "Zaimov'' park which will be reconstructed in the coming years.

The theme of the event is announced in advance, allowing participants to prepare their ideas. The hakathon participants will have the architectural project of the building in dwg format, which will be available after registration. They will have one day to finalize their concepts and to present them to the jury.

The aim of the hackton is to use shaping algorithmic methods of shaping. Previous experience with this type of software is an advantage.


Elevated Habitat v1.0 / 09:00 - 17:00
Entry presentations / 17:30 - 19:00
Announcing the Winner / 19:00 - 19:30

The participants in the hackathon will be provided with food, drinks and high-speed Internet connection.

The requirements for participation in the hackathon are:

1) innovative ideas; 2) personal laptop; and 3) preregistration

Following the preregistration process, the paricipant will receive additional information and access pass to enter Sofia Tech Park.

The work of the participants will be supported by a mentors team, provided by DESIGNMORPHINE.


The participants in the hackathon can register as individual contestants or in teams of maximum 6 people.

If your application is approved our team will contact you with free Visitor Access code to Webit Festival:

First Place: 1000 BGN
Second Place: 600 BGN
Third Place: 400 BGN

Arch. Zdravko Zdravkov, Chief Architect of Sofia
Malina Edreva, Chairman of the standing committee of the Sofia Municipal Council
Arch. Borislav Ignatov, Chairman of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria
Ognian Zlatev, Director, EU Commission Representation in Bulgaria
Svetlana Lomeva, Director, Sofia Development Association
Arch. Orlin Davchev, Deputy Dean of UACEG
Arch. Vladimir Damyanov, Department Interior and Design, VSU Lyuben Karavelov
Plamen Russev, Founder & Chairman, Webit Foundation
Tsvetelina Georgieva, Co Founder & CEO, DesignMorphine
Vanya Barbalova, Lawyer

MENTORS DesignMorphine


Radul Shishkov
Associated Partner, DesignMorphine;

Associated Partner, ASA;

Doctorant & Master Architect, UACEG;










Georgi Kunchev

Associated Partner, DesignMorphine;
Director, Stephen George International;
Master Architect, UACEG











Zlatko Yanakiev

Member, DesignMorphine












Martin Petrov

Member , DesignMorphine








Cultural Innovations Fund




bul. "Patriarh Evtimii" 92
Sofia 1463, Bulgaria



1, Serdika Str., 3rd fl.,
Sofia 1000, Bulgaria



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