The 48-hour health hackathon HACK4HEALTH Sofia - Izmir, organized by Sofia Tech Park in partnership with Sofia Municipality (Sofia Development Association), Webit Foundation and NGO Links, was completed successfully. It began on 9 November with an inspiring speech by Plamen Russev, an address by Todor Mladenov (Sofia Tech Park), the professional moderation of Sevdalina Voynova and the support of Doncho Barbalov, Deputy Mayor of Sofia Municipality, and Mtel.


Many thanks to the mentors! Gergana Panayotova, Global System Solutions - the company that developed the Health Portal of Sofia Municipality -, Boris Kolev, entrepreneur, and Stoyan Dipchikov and Stoyan Ivanov, programmers. They worked hard with the teams.


A total of 20 teams from Izmir and Sofia participated in the hackathon, which developed technological solutions to enhance the operational efficiency in healthcare, applications for training professionals, inclusion of the patient in the clinical process, public health.

The team of the School of Technology "Electronic Systems" at the Technical University of Sofia managed to impress the Izmir jury and received a third prize in the hackathon. Moreover, the students also won the special award of Sofia Municipality (Sofia Development Association). The TU team developed a demo of a platform that helps patients determine their health status according to laboratory test results.


The Mtel award went to Peter Zhivkov. His team developed a unique dirty air mask which is controlled by a mobile application that monitors air pollution in real time.


The prize of NGO Links went to the team of Ilian Iliev who made suggestions for improvement to the Health Portal of Sofia Municipality.


All distinguished teams received an invitation to participate in Webit 2018, as well as awards from the organizers from Sofia Tech Park.



48-hour hackathon!


Better health for all!


Development of innovative solutions in the field of health care. Innovations should address existing problems in the sphere that have the potential and purpose of improving the quality of life of people.


When? 09.11.2017 (at 4pm) – 11.11.2017 (till 5pm)


Where? Sofia Tech Park (


Working language: English


A thematically focused hackathon on health care issues, the goal of which is to create innovative and business solutions.


Where will HACK4HEALTH be held?
Hack4Health is a regional hackathon, organized by the DEPARK Technology Development Zone - Izmir and Sofia Tech Park - part of the StartinZimir Hackаton Series. The hackaton will be held simultaneously in two locations - in Sofia and Izmir, via a direct video link.


Sofia Municipality through the SOFIA DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION.
With the support of Mtel, Webit and NGO Links.


Hack4Health themes:

  • Increasing operational efficiency (including personal data protection and transparency, setting up operational processes to be integrated into medical establishments, automated methods of collecting information, preventing health mistakes)
  • Artificial intelligence and training applications (including artificial intelligence and training in diagnostics and treatment, use of medicines, performing more effective laboratory tests and new knowledge for data mining in healthcare)
  •  Improvement of ecosystem integration (including patient involvement in the clinical process, continuous health management, management of disease spreading through sharing in information networks)
  • Public health (including social welfare management, prevention and protection, including epidemics).


Hack4Health prizes:

  • 1st prize: 5000 Turkish Lira (2267 leva)
  • 2nd prize: 3000 Turkish Lira (1357 leva)
  • 3rd prize: 2000 Turkish Lira (452 leva)


Additional price:

  • Mtel will provide mobile smart phones to a selected team.


Forming a SUPER team?
Minimum 3 (tree) and maximum 5 (five) people.
... programmers and software engineers, designers, doctors, nurses, health professionals, public health experts, as well as patients who have vision and ideas for access and quality health care.


At the following link:


Deadline: 08.11.2017



Gergana Panayotova
, Project Manager of Global System Solutions Ltd. Head of numerous projects in the field of healthcare including Sofia Municipality Health Portal. My job is to understand the needs of the clients and to make them an adequate and working proposal that will facilitate the work process and improve the quality of their work.







Georgi Nalbantov is an expert in data mining modeling and predictive analytics. He has worked in areas ranging from medical data mining to economics and marketing. He has received his PhD in Econometics and Computer Science from Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2008, and has 40+ academic publications. In his pare time he is a lecturer at Sofia University in the area of Statistical Learning.






Stoyan Ivanov, a programmer at Dreamix, and follows his Master's program at Sofia University. His professional experience as a programmer is over 2 years in Java language and has developed his skills in C ++, Android, Python, Spring, and Angular. He has participated in various competitions and hackathons.







For more information, visit:






















Cultural Innovations Fund




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